Business Coaching

“With each session, my blood tingles with excitement, from the concepts and ideas you are teaching.  I am so excited!”

Garth Grayson, Cayvisions


As a small business owner, you often wear many hats.  Often this common trajectory of small business growth leaves little room to focus on coaching and development of the entrepreneur in an effort to ultimately grow your business. Some are extremely creative while the “nuts and bolts” side of their business suffers. Others are more left-brained, challenged by how to create a brand while being great at putting systems into place.

This is the space where a business coach is useful.

Like a personal trainer who assesses both your core strength and your willingness to make changes physically, the idea is to find either your strengths or your business-running weaknesses, fears zones and gaps, counseling you to form new habits, free yourself from funks and propel your career in ways you never thought possible.

At the foundation of selecting a business coach should be there knowledge level.  Communication styles and the ability to listen does, however, should be an additional focus.

One of the things that makes our business coaching unique is that our coaches are experts in listening, creativity and problem solving.  At the core of our business coaching, similar to our consulting services, is a Q.U.I.C.C. methodology.  Interwoven throughout our coaching is not only a passion for small business success, all of our coaches have built successful, thriving small businesses and overcome many of the same challenges that you currently face.  Most all of our coaches have a background in sales, business development and or marketing which often prove to be one of the greatest areas of challenge to small and emerging business owners.  Through the Q.U.I.C.C.methodology coaches listen for queues to help business owners brainstorm to arrive at innovative and creative strategies that are sensitive to limited budgets.  Often when entrepreneurs are too close to the problem, they miss the opportunity to inject creative collaboration into its problem solving.

B3 Consulting recognizes the financial restraints often place on new businesses.  With that, we offer three convenient ways to maximize the talent of our team.  We offer coaching pricing by the session, by the package or our cost-effective email coaching.

Q.U.I.C.C coaching (email coaching) $25

Q.U.I.C.C coaching allows you to get advice on up to 3 questions, within a 30-minute email session, on your most pressing business challenges and/or initiatives. This coaching method is perfect for the start-up or small business owner just launching their business, stuck or at a plateau or owners just needing answers to a few burning questions.

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1-Hour coaching session $100

Built from a formalized assessment (delivered upon ordering), the 1-hour coaching session digs deep into the business, it’s ills and opportunities for growth. The session starts with a introductory, getting-to-know-you exchange, then launches into a thorough Q & A derived from the completed assessment. The coach approaches the problem from three major perspectives, Is this a growth problem? Is this a operations (People/Process/Leadership) problem? Is this a strategy problem? or a combination of multiple areas. Utilizing the Q.U.I.C.C methodology which incorporates extreme quality, innovation and creativity, the coach attempts to provide at least 3 recommendations to the problem. Click “BUY NOW” to take advantage of this proven program!

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3-Hour coaching session package $250

Often times, one robust session is not enough! That is why B3 Consulting offers coaching packages, saving the entrepreneur time and money. When you purchase the 3-Hour coaching session package, you save 50% off your 3rd hour of coaching. All the same great processes as the 1-hour coaching session, with more time to build out recommendations and coach step-by-step thru implementation. Wait no longer! Take the step by Clicking “BUY NOW” below to take advantage of this proven program!

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As we understand evaluating every dollar spent is critical, we offer your first 30-minute business coaching session absolutely FREE!  Just fill out the contact form below and one of our business coaches will contact you to schedule a time for your session.


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