Turning a small company into a large (or at least sustainable) company is no small task!  At the start, many small business owners can muddle their way thru small successes and growth.  Often times when the low hanging fruit has been capsized is when entrepreneurs need a life line…STRATEGY! Small business owners often begin their businesses without a road map of how they plan to achieve growth at various stages.

With over 26 years of combined experience, B3 consulting is skilled in both business growth and operational strategy.  Our strategist have working in leading companies within Healthcare, Real Estate, Entertainment, Travel & Transportation and occupied senior management roles, making impactful program and company strategic decisions daily. B3 consulting has leveraged this experience and created an innovative approach to helping clients implement a growth strategy.  Our systematic approach to growth strategies takes a ladder approach.  Lower rungs, closer to the ground represent task with little to no risk, whereas higher rungs present greater risk, however have the potential for greater upside.  Each new rung brings more opportunity for growth.  Our consultants utilize a 5-step growth assessment to evaluate the best approach to growing your business.  The assessment is then coupled with a comprehensive strategic sales plan designed to identify top strategies and tactical action steps designed to help clients maximize growth.

As a result of our strategies, most of our customers have realized double, even triple digit growth.

Having trouble with your own growth or operational strategies?  Fill out the form below to have  a free assessment of your business.

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